What do you do on the web?

Have you ever thought about what you “do” on the web? Have you ever thought about where you “are” on the web? I spend my whole day on it but I haven’t really thought about it in a particularly structured way.

I had to think structured thoughts today as I wanted to finally get scrambledminds up to scratch as my place to waffle my heart out to the ether that is the web. I started with making sure that the blog had all the right elements, including some reference to where else people can find me.

This led me to jotting a quick diagram of where I spend my time from a web social sense. Or in more common parlance these days – where was I social networking. Where was I creating social media? Catchy stuff huh?

So, apart from being a very abridged version, this shows how complex the presence or landscape of anyone can be on the web. I thought this was particularly interesting in the context of what you actually “do” at each node. I’m updating my status, keeping up to date with the activities of friends and colleagues, creating and sharing content, having real time conversations. It’s had work!

It also raises the question of where do you spend your time most effectively. These things can be massive time wasters. What were people doing before this stuff existed? I should write about the techniques that I use to filter out the noise. It raises even bigger questions for where time and dollars should be spent for a business.

Do you know what your social landscape/presence looks like? How do you use your web tools? How do you filter the noise? Let me know.