Telstra – Listen to yourself

Public goodwill for Telstra has been dwindling over the last few years. Speaking for myself I think they’re a bloated, egotistical organisation with an overrated sense of self importance. And I don’t even own their shares. Or maybe that was just when Sol Trujillo was at the reins.

Why the rant? I just saw an article on Australian IT titled – Shareholder value key in NBN: Thodey which, to be Frank (or John), annoyed me. I don’t think Telstra get it.

Customer service is there, but it is all about protecting shareholder value. I cannot stress that enough. That’s the way we have discussed it with the government, the way we talk about it, and the way we’ll move forward. – Thodey

Why would you say that in the press? I’m coming at this from a consumer point of view and all I hear is “We like you Mr Customer, but sorry, we’re too busy playing games with other people so you’re second best. We don’t love you.” Even if I did own shares, which I don’t, I’d be seriously wondering what their game is. No Customers = No Shareholder Value.

I hope that they get a limited stake in the National Broadband Network, otherwise Australia will continue to suffer in the telecommunications stakes on a world stage.

I’d love to hear some perspectives on what people think they are trying to do. What are your thoughts? Throw your 2c in.

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