I’m evil

Well, that’s the way I feel after buying Christmas cards this year.  I’d run out of time and there aren’t a lot of places to buy cards near where I live so I bought a few packets of John Sands card packs.  Now, the usual at Christmas time is to find those cards that donate to Charity.  Christmas cards are such a waste of resources that they should at least be doing some good.

We like to buy cards that result in donations to charity and the more the better.  This year I bought packs of John Sands cards with Charity Donation marked all over them to “Make a Wish”.  After I got home I found that each pack resulted in a measly donation of 10c.  10c a pack!  If that isn’t cheap I don’t know what is.  What’s more, I’m sure most people don’t even know how much is being donated.  To be honest, I don’t know what a decent donation is but 10c definitely doesn’t seem to cut it.

I recently read about charity donations from Subaru in the states as well with their “Share the Love” event where they donated US$250 per vehicle.  For an US$18,000 Impreza, that resulted in about a 1.5% donation on the total vehicle price.  The % for John Sands? 0.7%.

There’s a couple of words for how I felt.  Cheated.  Evil!  Next year I’ll try harder to find ones that do a serious donation to a Charity, preferably all of it.

There’s only a one of There’s only one word for my impression of John Sands – Tight.  Jody suggested we boycott John Sands.  Maybe I’m being too harsh.  It’s all for a good cause isn’t it?