Panorama Me

Sveta Nedjelja Ocean Panorama

Sveta Nedjelja on Hvar, Croatia (F/11, 1/320, ISO200, 17mm)

I’ve had a fascination with panoramic photographs for some time. Ever since I had one of those Early Canon IXUS point and shoot digital cameras that had a panorama or stitch mode.

That camera is long in Camera Heaven, but I’ve been collecting panorama shot collections from my digital SLR for some time without the ability to create them (read haven’t looked at how to do it).

Dubrovnik Old Town Harbour Panorama

Dubrovnik Old Town harbour, Croatia (F/11, Variable, ISO200, 17mm)

I don’t have or use photoshop so I finally bothered to look around at how to create panoramas and found a piece of software call Hugin.

What better way to try it out than on some shots that I took when we recently visited the beautiful Croatia?

Dubrovnik Old Town Panorama

Dubrovnik's Old Town from the city walls (F/11, Variable, ISO200, 17mm)

I hope you enjoy the shots.  I took them all on my Canon 40D, freehand with about 6 photos each.  I noticed that in checking back that I some were on full manual (better I think for consistent settings) and Aperture Priority.

It’s important that the aperture remains the same for a consistent depth of field (area in focus) so that the images look good.  Looking back, it would be better to take them in full Manual mode to ensure that the settings are consistent for each photo.  You would need to take a measure of the exposure across the panorama though to get it right.

  • Andy

    Looks good, mate! I like it!