354. 2nd Institution

354. 2nd Institution, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

Apparently this place, or the first one in Woollamaloo (?) is an institution. I think people are a little deluded. Maybe they just eat this stuff when they’re drunk coz the pies and other delights aren’t particularly delightful by good p

351. Late Lights

351. Late Lights, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

So, with a new arrival in the family it was a late arrival for the xmas decorations this year. The night lights were looking good as always on a balmy Sydney evening.

350. Conscious Emotion

350. Conscious Emotion, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

It’s funny watching your baby start to get facial expressions. Are they really a show of emotion or as a result of their ability to mimick? Either way the result is an emotional response in the people waiting for the little squirt to do something! She’s definitely not shy of eating as you may be able to see by her belly.

349. Weird Things

349. Weird Things, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

But cool. To prevent cloth wash loss. Very cool baby gift. It now exists in our house along with a whole host of other weird things that weren’t there a few weeks ago :)