Laksa Rulz

So it looks like the Laksa challenge is taking shape. After many hours of planning, various meetings, racking of brains and using up time that could be put to valuable use elsewhere, the following criteria have been selected to rate a Laksa:

  • Cost
  • Ingredient quality
  • Soup quality
  • Noodle mix
  • Vegetables
  • Venue

Since this is going to be a simple system, it’s not a weighted scale. Each one will be given a value of 1-5 with 1=crap and 5=great. The average score across the ratings criteria will then be used to give a 1-5 rating for the Laksa for each judge. Simple eh? The first challenge begins today and the judging party has been selected, but we don’t have a venue. I’m sure it’s time to revisit those venues previously taken with a grain of salt and assess their Laksa skillz critically. We must be a bunch of nerds.

  • Black Hat Millionaire

    Glad I just found your wordpress blog through Google.

    Found just what I was looking for, thanks =)

    Btw, wat plugins are you using??