Bookgrubs #2

Hello Bookgrubs,

Just a reminder that the 2nd bookclub is on this Wednesday, 31st May.

Kate Quinn has kindly chosen the book ‘Steppenwolf’ by Herman Hesse…

Inspired by Toby (my housemate) last night telling me it’s his favourite book but he didn’t know of any girls who had read it, the challenge was set. As it is considered to be a classic philosophical narrative from the 1960s, I’ve chosen Dean’s Café on Kellet Street, Kings Cross, as the 60s inspired venue.

Cover of Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse

Is he a man, or a beast? Or a better question: is any man more than another brute animal? This is one of the primary questions addressed in Hesse’s classic novel, Steppenwolf. Its protagonist is an aging man who finds himself in a world he no longer understands, a world in which all the things he once held dear are being replaced by things that seem heartless, meaningless, soulless. But is it the world that is decaying, or is it simply that he cannot keep up with the changes? What is perception, and what is reality? Maybe the world had always been like this, and the Steppenwolf simply hadn’t noticed until now… (

Time/Date: 7pm, Wednesday, 31st May

Venue: Dean’s Café on Kellet St, Kings Cross

Be great to see you all at Dean’s to sort through such existential dilemmas and have a few drinks!