365. Aaaand Cut! That’s a Wrap.

Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated with classy glowing Margarita glasses like me.

Yep, it’s now 2011 and I’ve made it through 365 days of photos. It’s been fun. Now I think I’ll take a year off from everything :)

For those that have been following. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Now I have to work out if there’s something I can do with all these photo’s I’ve taken. Those that have made it onto Flickr are only the tip of the iceberg. I thought of producing a coffee table book with the favourites selected by people. Maybe that’s an option.

Enjoy 2011.

364. Tea, Madame?

364. Tea, Madame?, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

A tea on the penultimate day of the year.

Can’t beleive it. 1 day left for project365. It’s been a challenge! I’ll have to save the last photo tomorrow for something new years eve-ey.

358. The Red West

358. The Red West, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

In Australia, the area of Ayers Rock/Uluru is called the red centre. It’s a bit of a red herring (ha!) though because where I grew up in North West Western Australia the dirt is definitely red.

357. Western Sun

357. Western Sun, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

Xmas this year is set in Karratha, up on the corner of Western Australia. Middle of nowhere. 40+ degrees, 1 billion percent humidity. Amazing landscapes and a sun that sets over the sea.

356. Jammin’

356. Jammin’, originally uploaded by Jason Elston.

This years jammy goodness was apricot. Well received by all. Not the pic of the fruit that is in the jam attached. Just to give it a real feel.